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Author | Newcastle | Australia

About Tristen Willis

I was born in Newcastle, Australia. I work full-time in the insurance industry, helping people to get their lives back.

I am blessed with two beautiful children, who are the absolute light of my life.

I have two wonderful dogs- a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Bear and a Liver Spotted Dalmatian named Panda. My dogs are like my children and despite how naughty they can be sometimes, I would not change them for the world. 

These days, I am busy being a working mum to an overly active toddler. I'm still writing and baking, but for now, you can view what i'm currently reading over on Instagram.

My Books
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The Genesi Code

In a world plagued by the Genesi Code, Luka's journey begins with a heartbreaking loss: her father, Christopher Foster, murdered when she was just eight years old. He had been on the brink of a groundbreaking cure, one that could save humanity from the government's sinister experiments on human DNA.

Now, a decade later, Luka has honed her skills for one purpose - to join the ranks of the military's formidable Delta Force. Her goal is clear - to unearth the truth behind her father's untimely demise. But little does she know, this quest will reveal shocking truths about her own identity, truths she's not yet ready to confront.

As Luka battles her way through a treacherous web of secrets, she stumbles upon a revelation that could change everything. Could the key to saving humanity lie in her past, intertwined with the Genesi's cure and the end of war itself? In a heart-pounding tale of vengeance and discovery, Luka must decide if revenge alone will suffice or if there's something greater at stake.

Join Luka on an electrifying journey that will challenge her beliefs, push her to her limits, and ignite a struggle against a formidable enemy - both within and beyond herself. Will she find the strength to face her destiny and shape the fate of the world?

The Happy Hour Hookup 

Ruby Daniels had her life turned upside down when a surprise meeting at work informed her that she would be forced to move teams and work under a team leader that she absolutely despised, Aiden.

Being forced to work under Aiden stirred up mixed feelings from when Ruby and Aiden used to be on friendlier terms and Ruby makes a foolhardy decision one Friday night at after work drinks.

Now forced to face her bad decision and her mixed feelings, Ruby must decide if taking a chance and risking it all on someone she knows could be the ruin of her career is worth it.

If you enjoyed the romance of Emily in Paris, you will love the twists and turns of Ruby Daniels’ story. Buy now before the price changes!


All my books are currently available through Amazon in both paperback and eBook format.

Book Reviewers

If you are a book reviewer, please contact me directly either via my contact page on my website, Direct Message me on Instagram (@AuthorTristenWillis or @APensiveBaker), Private Message me on Facebook (Tristen Willis) or send me a message on Twitter (@TrisWillis) 

My Books

There are a few people who deserve to be acknowledged because without them, I would never have had the courage to peruse my dreams.


My husband Jake, whose unwavering and unfaltering confidence in me has encouraged me when I could not find the confidence within myself. There have been many times that I have approached him and shared my ideas with him, because I know that he will always be my most honest cricict and also my biggest supporter. 

My parents, who have always believed in me and have always encouraged me to follow my dreams. My parents have always been my biggest fans and it meant the world to me to see how proud they were when I told them that I was finally going to publish my first book. They have helped to nurture even my smallest dreams and celebrated every win, no matter how small and I could not be more grateful.

My children who are the absolute light of my life and who I hope will grow up to work hard to accomplish thier own dreams.



Stop by on one of my social media platforms and say hello, alternatively you can contact me directly on here.

Facebook: Tristen Willis

Instagram: @AuthorTristenWillis or




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