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Author | Newcastle | Australia

About Tristen Willis

I was born in Newcastle, Australia. I work full-time in the insurance industry, helping people to get their lives back.

I am blessed with one beautiful daughter, Spencer who is the absolute light of my life.

I have two wonderful dogs- a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Bear and a Liver Spotted Dalmatian named Panda. My dogs are like my children and despite how naughty they can be sometimes, I would not change them for the world. 

My love of writing began in my early teens. I kept a journal as a teenager and often wrote down my most inner thoughts, this gradually progressed to writing short stories in my journal. During high school, I would always be found in the Young Adult section of the local library as I was, and still am, an avid reader.


I began writing what would be my debut novel, The Genesi Code, when I was twenty-one years old after dreaming about one of the characters of my book. I remember dreaming that I was being hunted by genetically advanced soldiers, being captured and brought before their leader. I recall waking from this dream and jotting it down on the notepad that I kept on my bedside table. I spent years slowly evolving this dream into a short story and from that story into a novel.


These days, I am busy being a working mum to an overly active toddler. I'm still writing and baking, but for now, you can view some of my favourite recipes over on my blog.

If you would like to know more about me or even just get to know me better, follow the links on my contact page for how to best reach me.

My Books

The Genesi Code

Now available for purchase from Amazon.

eBook       and        Paperback


All bookstores can order The Genesi Code directly through their Title Page System. Simply ask the staff at the counter and they can arrange this for you.

Book Reviewers

If you are a book reviewer, please contact me directly either via my contact page on my website, Direct Message me on Instagram (@Tris.Willis or @APensiveBaker), Private Message me on Facebook (Tristen Willis) or send me a message on Twitter (@TrisWillis) 


Over 100 years ago the government began experimenting on human DNA in an attempt to develop a strain of genetic coding that would advance the human race. Scientists believed that there was a way for mankind to become more genetically advanced, that they could become stronger, faster, non-susceptible to illness, unable to feel pain or remorse. They called it The Genesi Code. Soon after it became known as The Genesi War.  Soldiers infected with the Genesi Code began to turn on mankind, believing they were the inferior species. The result was astronomical; cities destroyed and billions of civilian lives lost.

Mankind now live inside the walls that their predecessors built surrounding their cities to keep them safe from any remaining Genesi.  Scientists have been working for the last century to develop a cure for the Genesi Code, a way to turn the remaining Genesi back into the humans that they once were. So far, no scientist has been able to develop such a cure, until now.

Luka was only eight years old when her father was murdered. Christopher Foster was a scientific geneticist working towards the development of a cure. The only thing holding Luka together for the last ten years since her father’s death has been her plot for revenge on her father’s killer. Luka has spent the last ten years training to be accepted into the military’s elite task force, known as Delta Force, to uncover the truth surrounding her father’s murder. Luka is determined to hunt down her father’s killer no matter the cost. But along the way to uncovering the truth surrounding her father’s murder, Luka uncovers the truth surrounding herself that she is not yet ready to face.  Could the truth surrounding Luka’s past be the key to curing the Genesi and ending the war? In the end, is revenge all that matters?

My Books

There are a few people who deserve to be acknowledged because without them, I would never have had the courage to peruse my dreams.


My Partner Jake, whose unwavering and unfaltering confidence in me has encouraged me when I could not find the confidence within myself. There have been many times that I have approached him and shared my ideas with him, because i know that he will always be my most honest credit and also my biggest supporter. 

My parents, who have always believed in me and have always encouraged me to follow my dreams. My parents have always been my biggest fans and it meant the world to me to see how proud they were when I told them that I was finally going to publish my book. They have helped to nurture even my smallest dreams and celebrated every win, no matter how small and I could not be more grateful.



Stop by on one of my social media platforms and say hello, alternatively you can contact me directly on here.

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